As you can see, we’ve put a lot of thought into this. We listen to you and are also here for you if there are any questions.

Do I have to moisten the Suit?2022-11-11T15:19:20+00:00

No, since we are working with a real dry suit here, which has no more cotton (=non-conductor) over the electrodes, this suit works dry.

How many electrodes are in the suit and where are they placed?2022-10-27T22:53:21+00:00

There are 20 electrodes, so 10 pairs of electrodes sewn into the suit, which can be controlled individually;
Placement: biceps, triceps, chest, upper back, middle back, lower back, buttocks, abdomen, front thigh and rear thigh. The important thing here is that we can target triceps and biceps separately, for example.

Are the lines laid so that the suit stretch movements survive?2022-10-27T22:52:31+00:00

Yes, the electrodes are connected via a special sewing thread so that you can perform all movements unrestricted.

Does the suit hinder me during my exercises?2022-10-27T22:52:07+00:00

No, you are completely free and do not feel the thin stretch suit during your workout.

How may I clean the suit?2022-10-27T22:51:29+00:00

Maximum 30 ° C in the gentle wash cycle in the laundry bag, without spin cycle or – even better – hand wash.

I need to keep fit over the winter, so I can do a Triathlon in the summer. Can I also train my condition with this suit?2022-10-27T22:49:59+00:00

Yes, You can train your red skeltet muscles (for endurance) just as specifically as the white skeletal muscles, which are important for maximum strength. You train the slow-twitch red muscles in the heart range of up to 30 Hz, and the fast-twitch white muscles in heart ranges of 50 to 85 Hz.

How is the contact from the power module to the electrodes?2022-10-27T22:49:23+00:00

The POWERbox is clicked on the outside of the suit and also firmly fixed with a Velcro strap. We have also tested the entire system in trampoline parks, the contact is perfect and uninterrupted.

Is there an English manual and exercises?2022-11-14T22:40:45+00:00

Yes, there is an extensive, German / English instructions and a training poster with exercises. You can find more exercises in our YouTube channel “eaglefit” :https://www.youtube.com/user/eaglefit001.

Can I also wear the EMS stretch suit under sportswear?2022-10-27T22:46:49+00:00

Yes, it is possible, for example, to put on a jogging suit and go jogging. (..of which 20 minutes with electricity).

Do I wear underwear under the suit while exercising?2022-10-27T22:46:22+00:00

No, you do not need to put anything on under the suit.

Is there a limit on how many times I can do the workout or how many times I install the app?2022-10-27T22:45:55+00:00

No, there are no technical limitations. You can install the app on your Android smartphone, on your iPhone and on your iPad at the same time and use it as often as you like (e.g. for your partner, …). You should initially train only 1 x a week with EMS, later you should keep at least 48 hours break between your training sessions.

My partner / My partner also wants to train. Do I have to buy a complete 2nd system, or is there a second suit?2022-10-27T22:45:36+00:00

There is a second suit, which you can order via this link: https://www.eaglefit.de/a-1154 .

So far I have trained in the EMS studio. Is the workout at home comparable and can it be done at all?2022-10-27T22:44:12+00:00

Yes, you can do the workout at home as well. Ideal is the combination with a SlingTrainer. You can find a good overview here: https://www.eaglefit.de/sling-trainer/.

is the power from the battery enough or isn’t it better if the device works with 220 V?2022-10-27T22:43:42+00:00

Since EMS training simulates the low currents of the brain, EMS training (in general) only works with currents of up to 300 mAh and a very low voltage. These currents are also simple to provide with a very small battery.

How long does the battery last and what kind of battery is used?2022-11-14T22:45:52+00:00

The battery of our POWERBox lasts for 4-5 trainings à 20 minutes – depending on the training intensity. Since we use a LiIo batteries with 2,000 mAh, you can also charge it in between without harming it.

Which frequencies can I select?2022-10-27T22:42:44+00:00

You can set the frequency free from 1 to 120 Hz in our individual training menu “Individual”. Up to approx. 30 Hz you stimulate predominantly your red muscles (endurance), from approx. 80 Hz rather the white, large muscles (maximum strength) – If you are not so familiar with this, we have predefined programs “Fitness (muscle building), Relax (similar to a massage after training or also very pleasant for tension) and metabolism (endurance, cellulite reduction)”.

Which pulse depth can I select for training?2022-10-27T22:24:07+00:00

You can (as with frequency) select predefined programs or freely select a pulse depth of up to 400 microseconds in the “Individual” program. The higher this value, the “deeper” the pulse goes into the muscle (so then also in the large muscles, such as the back or thigh).

How long is the warranty?2022-11-14T22:46:46+00:00

We give 6 months warranty on the suit and. 12 months  on the POWERBox.

What do I do if the suit does not fit me?2022-10-27T22:12:42+00:00

When choosing the fitting size, please orient yourself to the table further above. The suit is stretchable. If you are at a value weinige centimeters outside the table, it is not bad. The suit should be tight – but you should be able to move well at the same time. For example, if you have a wide back and a very slim waist, order the suit so that it fits in the chest area. We supply appropriate Velcro zip ties so that you can taper the suit in the somewhat wide areas accordingly. If the suit does not fit at all, you can have it replaced free of charge. We take over the shipping costs for the outward and return shipping.

What do I do if I don’t get along with the whole system?2022-11-14T22:48:03+00:00

We offer a very good telephone support with trainers and experts who can help you competently.

Is there a “Customer recruits customer” program?2022-10-27T22:11:18+00:00

Yes, we offer a very interesting “Customer recruits customer”– program. More information about this program you will receive after your order.

Is the APP still being worked on or would I have to buy a new system again for new features?2022-10-27T22:10:17+00:00

We are constantly implementing further improvements and customer requests, which every existing customer receives through free updates of the APP.

How long does the suit last?2022-10-27T22:09:54+00:00

You don’t have to wash the suit after every workout because it is made of an antibacterial material. We have successfully tested the suit withover 100 washes in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle.

I am from Switzerland, how can I order here?2022-10-27T22:09:33+00:00

Since we are here at a value of over 1,000, – €, this is unfortunately not possible directly, but here too there are solutions. Please write us a message to service@eaglefit.de or call us at 07345-506396.

I am unsure whether the APP works on my phone. How can I check this?2022-10-27T22:07:56+00:00

You can download and test the APP via your appstore – just search for “eaglefit EMS HOME“.

What is the difference between EMS and EMA training and can I choose this setting?2022-10-27T22:06:46+00:00

EMS means Electrical Myo Stimulation (5 to 100 Hz) , EMA means Electrical Myo Activation (from 1,000 Hz). In EMS training, the current flows from the electrode through the skin to the nerve and then into the muscle. In EMA training g, the current flows from the electrode through the skin directly into the muscle without the nerves being aware and without the signal having to pass through the neuromuscular endplate between the nerve and muscle on its way to the muscle. This direct muscle activation can be interesting and dangerous at the same time, and is therefore not recommended for home use in our view.


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