eaglefit EMS PANTS


Application example:

In your household there is already an eaglefit HOME EMS suit with POWERBox. Your partner would also like to do an EMS workout, but rather focus on the abdomen / legs / glutes and the pelvic floor.

Then this EMS PANTS is optimal, because the POWERBox of the HOME EMS system is compatible with the EMS PANTS from eaglefit. Therefore, you can use the POWERBox alternately with the suit and with the PANTS.

The EMS PANTS can be excellently used for:

Bike training
running training
Pelvic floor training (not only after birth)
General shaping in the area of abdomen / legs / buttocks

With the POWERbox, only one person can be connected and training at the same time.

If you later decide to use another POWERBox to train together, you can purchase this 2nd POWERBox via this link:

There is NO POWERBox included with this item.

Scope of delivery:

  • eaglefit EMS PANTS
  • laundry bag
  • manual in german / english